Linden Park Neighborhood Garage Sales

Linden Park Neighborhood Garage Sales

The 2016 Linden Park Neighborhood area garage sales are being planned for Thursday, May 12, through Sunday, May 15, 2016. Garage sale hours are 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM each day unless specified otherwise on a per-location basis. To add your information, please either email the President (John Hansen) via the website Contact page, or send a PM via the Nextdoor Neighbor forum. Neighborhood rummage/garage sale locations are marked with a green star. Click on any star to view additional...

Dog On Leash

Please Pick Up

We have received many complaints about dog droppings in the park, in the green space by the school, in the water drainage areas (by the wetlands), in empty lots, on sidewalks and even in other neighbors’ yards! PLEASE be responsible and pick up after your pets. Due to the number of complaints and the seriousness of this issue, we are in the process of purchasing three dog waste stations, including receptacles and pet waste bags, in the hopes that the convenience...

Stone Wall

Wall Repair

In case you didn’t see this on the DSI website, the rock wall in the park on the corner of Ancient Oak and Lone Oak has been scheduled for repair. They will be replacing the rocks that have “fallen” out of the wall. DSI is also working on a permanent solution to this issue.

Water Drainage Issue at Park

Water Drainage at Margene Park

We are coordinating with DSI Real Estate, Veridian and the City of Madison with respect to the drainage issue at the park that is responsible for water constantly flowing over the park’s southern sidewalk, and the resulting ice in the winter. According to DSI, one potential plan is to build a French Drain that will tie in to the storm drain that flows into the storm water pond across the street from the park. This should eliminate any water flowing...

Linden Park Neighborhood Sign


Welcome to the Linden Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA) website. This site is designed to be your neighborhood portal with content designed to not only keep you informed, but to facilitate your needs. You will not only find general information about the neighborhood, but links to a neighborhood forum where you can interact with all of your neighbors, upcoming neighborhood association meetings, information about covenants and restrictions as well as architectural control committee applications for your projects. The “Forum” page will...

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