Yard Waste

Recycling Update, Drop-Off Sites, Rain Barrels, Compost Bins and New Recyclopedia

From the City of Madison: Announcement: 2017 Recyclopedias Available Sound the trumpets! Go get grandma and the kids! It’s here! It’s here! The 2017 Recyclopedias are here! Yes, after a bit of a break we finally have a new Recyclopedia available. The new Recyclopedia is available as a PDF file on the main page of the Streets Division website. The handy feature of this digital version of the Recyclopedia is that it is much easier to search and click through to the...

Christmas Tree Collection

Holiday Tree Collection

The Streets Division will collect Christmas trees for recycling. Each neighborhood will receive two collections. You may also bring your trees to our drop off sites. Note: Collection could be delayed due to winter weather. Snow and ice operations have priority over tree collection. Round One begins on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 Round Two begins on Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 Have your tree out on the above dates to insure collection. It takes us 8 to 10 working days to...

Christmas Tree

A Visit to the Drop-Off Site

Twas soon after Christmas and the house was a mess With piles of paper and cardboard up to my chest. The tree is dried out and the lights barely work. And the toy batteries died? – Argh! I’m so irked! I have packages filled with block Styrofoam And no clue what do with this busted iPhone. My goodness, oh my! Look at this rigid plastic A cracked pail, a broke crate – this just makes me sick. Let’s not even...


2017 Budget

Most, if not all of us have now received the HOA fee assessment from DSI, our management company. The fee is higher than we would like again this year, and to help explain why, I have prepared a budget comparison so everyone can see not only how it compares to last year’s budget, but specifically where the increases are. One of the major increases, the management fee, went up significantly. When we discussed it with DSI we were informed that...

Park French Drain Completed

Park Drainage Project Completed

The park drainage project, whereby a french drain was added to the south end of the park to minimize water overflow on the sidewalk, has been completed. Hopefully we will not see ice buildup this winter!

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