Architectural Control CommitteeBefore you decide on any exterior or structural changes, be sure to review the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (“CCR’s”). In most cases, your improvement will require some form of approval from the Architectural Control Committee (“ACC”). There are currently two ways to obtain ACC approval.

For the improvements listed below under Standard ACC Applications, simply review the applicable application and sign and return the first page to the ACC prior to beginning your project. If your request falls outside of the Standard Requirements listed within the Standard ACC Application, we ask that you submit a Variance Request. Further information can be found within the individual applications.

If you do not see your desired improvement listed in our Standard ACC Applications, you will need to complete and submit a Universal ACC Application for review. The ACC will respond within 30 days following receipt of your completed application, including the necessary required documentation as indicated within the application to review, and provide you with a decision.

If you have specific questions regarding architectural control, please email the ACC.

Neighborhood Bylaws

ACC Resources

Standard ACC Applications

Universal ACC Application

Certain improvements require additional review from the ACC. These improvements involve structural changes such as, but not limited to, additions to the property, sunrooms, patios, and decks. Other improvements that tend to vary from property to property and neighborhood to neighborhood also need to be reviewed by our committee. One example is fences. For these types of improvements, you will need to submit a Universal ACC Application along with a site plan showing the exact location of your proposed improvement, materials to be used, architectural or landscape drawings and additional exhibits as requested by the ACC on a case by case basis. Additional information about this can be found in the application. If you are unsure whether your improvement needs ACC approval, please do not hesitate to email the ACC.