Frequently Asked Questions


Who manages the neighborhood services such as snow removal and mowing?

While at some point we hope to manage ALL of our contracts internally, they are currently managed by a hired management firm; DSI Real Estate Group (DSI). So what services are they currently managing on our behalf?

  • Follow requirements and procedures set out in the Bylaws.
  • Set up annual meetings.
  • Send/prepare all paperwork for the Association.
  • Keep roster of current homeowners & incorporate all new sales.
  • Prepare an Operating Budget annually.
  • Accounts Receivable.  (This includes offering online payment options.  Also includes filing liens for unpaid dues as needed.)
  • Maintain Accounts of Association Funds.
  • Accounts Payable.
  • Maintain Current Books and Records.
  • Submit Annual Reports to WDFI.
  • Available for any homeowner inquiry calls/concerns.
  • Enter into contracts for utility maintenance, trash removal, etc..
  • Solicit bids annually.
  • Regularly inspect neighborhoods to determine any physical improvements and maintenance needed.
  • Oversee the employ and performance of all sub-contractors required for neighborhood operation.
  • Maintain/Obtain insurance .
  • Work with Board of Directors.


How are neighborhood HOA fees managed?

  • DSI sends out invoices for the following year’s dues in December.
  • Dues are to be paid by January 15th.
  • We send out the first late letter in February reminding homeowners that dues are now late and a 10% late fee will be assessed on March 15th.
  • In May DSI will send a Certified letter to any homeowner that is still past due. This letter is to inform the homeowner that if they do not make a payment arrangement or pay their dues in full within ten days, DSI will move forward with the lien filing process.
  • Then, after ten days, DSI would file a lien with the Dane County Clerk of Courts. This will be removed once the balance is paid.


When is our garbage picked up?

The City of Madison picks up the garbage for most of the neighborhood on Wednesdays. Recyclables are picked up every other week. You can confirm your schedule for pickup by using the My Waste App, which the City of Madison utilizes. The app is available for Android and OS devices.

The garbage in the carriage lane near the park has to be subcontracted by the HOA since the City will not pick up. This is reflected in the budget and is managed by DSI on our behalf.


When do I need to shovel?

You can find the City of Madison snow removal regulations here.


When are the streets plowed?

Residential streets are typically plowed last, and will not be plowed when the snowfall accumulation is less than three (3) inches. Also, sand is typically used instead of salt. You can find out more on the City of Madison website, and you can sign up for snow alerts here.


What side of the street do I park on in winter?

Rules and dates can be found here.