Road Construction

Hwy M Construction to Start

Just a reminder, the Hwy M project is starting! Many of us use this thoroughfare, so life will get just a tad tougher starting soon, and continuing through to 2019. The latest schedule indicates a construction start date of October 2. You can find the project details, schedule, and maps on the City of Madison – Hwy M Project page.

Rigid Plastic Recycling

Rigid Plastic Recycling Suspended

From the City of Madison (Received 19 September 2017): The rigid plastic recycling drop-off program has been suspended. Rigid plastic material, such as five-gallon buckets and children’s toys, if they cannot be reused, resold, or donated, should be placed into the refuse to be sent to the landfill. The dumpsters for rigid plastic recycling at the Streets Division drop-off sites have been removed, and there is no timetable for them to return. Suspending the rigid plastic recycling program is the...