Madison Fire Station 12

Meeting Minutes

We have just received the meeting minutes from the Linden Park HOA meeting held on May 16, 2016 from DSI. The meeting was held at Madison Fire Station #12 from 6 PM until 6:41 PM. We would love to see a better turnout for these if possible. As we now have a website, we will advertise next year’s meeting even earlier. You will find a downloadable copy of the minutes on the Minutes page¬†(found under Resources).

LPNA Pet Waste Station

Pet Waste Stations

The fourth, and last, pet waste station for our neighborhood was recently installed at the stormwater retention basin on the west end of Ancient Oak Lane. The good news is that we have been getting reports that the stations are being used. The bad news is that we still have pet owners being irresponsible – not picking up; and as I have witnessed myself, using outlots and areas like the stormwater retention basins and parks. People are not only letting...