Next Storm, Coming Right Up

From the City of Madison Streets Division

Posted Thursday, January 11, 2024 1:09 PM: Another severe storm is due to hit Madison starting during the overnight hours tonight (Thursday, January 11) and lasting into Saturday (January 13)..

This will be a long duration event that will produce deeper accumulation than the storm earlier this week, have drier snow and higher winds, which means blowing and drifting snow will be a concern. The Streets Division response to this storm will begin tonight and it will continue through the weekend.

The storm is expected to begin sometime close to midnight. At that time, Streets Division crews will begin to once again treat the salt route network of streets, plowing and applying salt as needed. Crews will be on these routes through the night and into the morning hours. Streets Division crews will not be on the non-salt route residential areas of Madison overnight, so these areas will become snow-covered. If you choose to travel during the overnight hours this evening or Friday morning, be ready for slippery roads and conditions that will grow increasingly difficult throughout the day. Be slow, patient, alert, and safe. And overall, make good choices.

When considering your Friday evening commute, the afternoon on Friday in residential areas may become exceptionally difficult at best. Forecasts show snow accumulation could be as much as 5 inches of snow by 3:00pm and that total is due to rise as the storm will still have several hours to go. As a reminder, non-salt route areas are not plowed until the storm is at or near its end.

Also for Friday, considering the weather conditions, the Streets Division announced an early start to the trash and recycling collection and the closure of the drop-off sites.

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Please remember to clear snow in front of mailboxes and fire hydrants.