Fire Department Scam Alert

From the City of Madison:

The Madison Fire Department has been notified of a telemarketer-style scam that may be gaining traction in the area, and we want to prevent unsuspecting citizens from falling victim to it.

An area woman recently answered her telephone and spoke with someone purporting to be from “the fire department.” The caller asked the woman if she has her home smoke alarms checked regularly. When the woman told the caller her son is a firefighter and checks the alarms for her, the caller abruptly ended the phone call.

Out of concern that there are individuals attempting to access area homes under the guise of “the fire department,” the Madison Fire Department issues the following reminders and recommendations:

  • The Madison Fire Department never makes phone calls like the one described above.
  • If you receive such a phone call, or something similar, end the call and report the incident to the Madison Police Department’s self-report line at (608) 245-3662 or their self-report webpage.
  • Scams can also be reported to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection Hotline at (800) 422-7128 or emailed to

The Madison Fire Department has installed thousands of smoke alarms in area homes in coordination with local partnerships and safety initiatives. These smoke alarm installations are initiated by citizens who qualify for such programs when they are available. 

Once again, the Madison Fire Department does not cold-call households asking to check private smoke alarms.

For more information on proper installation and testing of your home smoke alarms, please visit or contact the Madison Fire Department’s Community Education Division at (608) 266-4709.